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Since there are so few Conservative Sugars out there I thought it might be nice to have a place where we can feel accepted and discuss topics that we feel are important to us. You will not be judged for your views. Anyone is welcome to join, but please don't bother if you want to come and attack this group. If you want to have an intelligent, respectful, discussion then please by all means join. *** Due to what the sugar network has become, I can no longer allow anyone who wants to join conservative into the group. Unfortunately, there are a few people who need to get a life who ruined it for everyone else. However, if you would like to join, all I need is a current member of Conservative to vouch for you. I hope everyone understands that this is nothing personal.

Women Hunting

Posted By hartsfull on Mar 24, 2008 at 10:24AM

Don't look here if you don't like hunting or seeing dead animals. The first picture is just an elk eating. Not a picture that will offend anyone. We're a hunting family and these are only a few pictures. We rely mostly on our hunting to fill our freezer. We also cut up and package most of the meat ourselves. What we do take to get processed is meat for sausage. We fill our freezer with fish too but this is just hunting stuff for now.

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